Friday, September 7, 2012


I had a rough few days with the X.
I just want to strangle the people who say divorce is an easy out for people who don't want to do the work of being married. Divorce is hard. Always.
It's hard and it's painful in a way I could never begin to describe. Even knowing it was the right choice I believe that I will always hate myself a little for making the decision. I have moved on but still carry the scars that come from doing hard things and enduring the struggles.

I have to be honest for a minute... If you are moving to a far off place where you are guaranteed to not see your kids for at LEAST 6 months, and I have to beg you, beg, to say goodbye to your kids in person rather than over the phone, I seriously wonder what type of person you are. I cannot fathom NOT doing everything in my power to see my children every possible moment I could before I left, even if it meant long drives and sleepless nights. I just don't get it...

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  1. In person does seem like a bare minimum part of goodbye. I'm sorry it's been so hard.